Did you know that when women, children and men arrive at a shelter, they are usually wearing all their wardrobe? Undergarments are typically the least donated but most needed.  The last two (2) undergarment drives were successful thanks to several of you who joined our efforts to provide undergarments for many in need.  We are humbly asking for your help again!!   To celebrate our 10 years of ministry, we will be collecting undergarments, along with back-to-school backpacks filled with school supplies for the guests/residents at the Trinity Rescue Mission in Jacksonville, FL. We humbly ask you to consider joining our Undergarment/Back to School Drive for our upcoming visit on Wednesday, August 4th!  We will also be leading a worship service for the men and women guests/residents that evening.. If you would like to participate in our Undergarment/Back to School Drive, please ship to:



First Baptist Church - Boulougne

28226 Church Drive, Hilliard, FL 32046


We will be posting updates and photos of the drive progress soon!

Thank you for being such a blessing, may God’s grace be with you. 

Dec 2018 - 1,096 total items - donated to Miami Rescue Mission


  • 212 mens underwear/boxers

  • 121 men’s socks

  • 56 t-shirts/tank tops for men

  • 23 pair of socks for boys

  • 11 t-shirts/tank tops for boys

  • 41 boys underwear/boxers

  • 203 women’s underwear

  • 54 bras for women

  • 144 pairs of socks for women

  • 203 panties for girls

  • 13 pairs of girl socks

  • 15 misc items which included toothpaste, durags, and toothbrushes.

June 30, 2017 - 249 total items donated for Miami Rescue Mission

  • 105 panties

  • 16 T-shirts

  • 56 men’s socks

  • 45 men’s underwear

  • 14 womens socks

  • 4 bras

  • 9 men's T-shirts